"Our Customer's Testimonials" 

BEFORE using Beauche
      No one had introduced me this product. I just saw Beauche Set Imus in Facebook, I tried reading about the product review in Google and those testimonies in Facebook, and I said that why don’t give it a try. 

      I have neighbor in Philippines went for vacation and also working here in Dubai, I called my mom & gave them the address and told them to purchase one for me and send it to our neighbor when they go back here. 
     I had waited for a month 'till our neighbor fly back to Dubai from their vacation. 
     The moment I got the Beauche Beauty Set, the same night I used the product and after a week I already notice that my face is getting silky smooth... 
I am very happy with this product and since then I made this as part of my beauty regimen... I been using this product for about 3-months now and so happy with the results. 
I had tried Olay Total, Ponds Pro Active and Loreal, but those didn’t work for my skin. I felt like it’s just a waste of money. 
I truly recommend Beauche’ Beauty Set. No matter how tired I am at night time and wanna go to sleep, I never go to bed without Beauche’
Of all the products I have used over the years, Beauche is the first beauty product I've ever used that actually gave the best result to my sensitive skin and satisfy me.
Thanks to BEAUCHE’ and more power!!

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Two weeks after facials
and while using Obagi
    In June 2007, I had a really really bad break out, I'm not exaggerated but I had acne on my chest and back and of course on my FACE. I think I ate something in Beijing during my tour or maybe I don't know what really the cause is. Due to depression, I consulted one of the famous and expensive clinic in Philippines (Beauty Clinic of Actors/Actresses). 
 They did facial, chest and back cleansing/pricking. I've suffered from so much pain and my Mom helped me putting medication as the doctor prescribed. 
Obagi image from goggle
They instructed me to used OBAGI religiously and promise my face to get better in two weeks time. Obagi helped my face/acne dry and heal but peeling was very obvious. It took 6 months and I've used 3 sets of expensive Obagi(21k php/set). But after those painful times using Obagi, going here and there to the clinic for regular facial and IV Glutha, spending hundred thousands of bucks for vanity, still I wasn't satisfied. The acne marks were still there and my face was so oily and red. After using Obagi, waking up in the morning doing my long face routine and night routine, still I'm so wasted and unsatisfied.
Beauche Set
My colleague ask me to buy his product which is BEAUCHE [new to my ears] and try. For me, before trying any product without doctor's advice, I do research and surveys for myself. (It was January 2008)
I'm STILL on OBAGI at this time
After two weeks I decide to buy and try it. Thank God in 7 days I saw the result. My oiliness went off and my blemishes started to fade. I'm so happy and contented with the result. Acne marks were gone, oiliness were lessen about 80%, and I had fair glowing skin. I love the pinkish result because of the Age Eraser Cream. Before, I can't go out without make up but from then eyeliner and lip gloss are my accessories.
On Beauche (Nov.2008 in Boracay,Phil.)

That's why I'm very thankful because Beauche came. It saves my pocket from expensive facial and treatment. I go for facial once in a while but not mandatory like before that I need to do facial at least twice a week.

On Beauche
The reason for me selling Beauche is to share and help those people who's suffering for acne or even simple individual who wants flawless and fair skin.

more than a year using Beauche
I don't have powder here at all.
Only age eraser cream